12th International Workshop on Computational Semantics

Montpellier, from Tuesday 19 to Friday 22 September 2017


Organised by CNRS, LIRMM with the support of Université de Montpellier

Region Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée (France)



Claire Gardent (CNRS, LORIA, Nancy)

Christian Retoré (Université de Montpellier & LIRMM CNRS)


Montpellier will host one of the main international conference on computational natural language semantics, namely the 12th biennal conference of the special interest group in computational semantics SIGSEM), from the association for computational linguistics (ACL).

More precisely the areas of interest for the conference include all computational aspects of meaning of natural language within written, spoken, or multimodal communication. Papers are invited on topics in these and closely related areas, including the following:

  • representation of meaning

  • syntax-semantics interface

  • representing and resolving semantic ambiguity

  • shallow and deep semantic processing and reasoning

  • hybrid symbolic and statistical approaches to representing semantics

  • alternative approaches to compositional semantics

  • inference methods for computational semantics

  • recognizing textual entailment

  • learning by reading

  • methodologies and practices for semantic annotation

  • machine learning of semantic structures

  • statistical semantics

  • computational aspects of lexical semantics

  • semantics and ontologies

  • semantic web and natural language processing

  • semantic aspects of language generation

  • semantic relations in discourse and dialogue

  • semantics and pragmatics of dialogue acts

  • multimodal and grounded approaches to computing meaning

  • semantics-pragmatics interface

This 4-day event (including one day for 4-6 smaller half day workshops with parallel sessions) receives about a hundred submissions of short and long papers, and all the selected ones are included in the proceedings published by ACL:

  • Long papers (up to 10 pages) should describe original research; they correspond to a plenary talk ;
  • Short papers (up to 5 pages) describe systems, projects or ongoing research; they correspond to a lightning talk at the conference, followed by a poster/demo session for discussion.

Organizing comitee

  • RETORE Christian, UM, LIRMM, Montpellier
  • BOS Johan, Universiteit Groningen, Groningen NL
  • GARDENT Claire, CNRS, LORIA, Nancy
  • GREVERIE Elisabeth, UM, LIRMMMontpellier
  • JACKIEWICZ Agata, UPV, Montpellier
  • MOOT Richard, CNRS, LaBRI, Bordeaux
  • PRINCE Violaine, UM, LIRMM, Montpellier
  • CLAIRET Nadia, Lingua et Machina, LIRMM, LIMICS, Montpellier
  • COUSOT Kevin, Lingua et Machina, LIRMMMontpellier
  • MIRZAPOUR Mehdi, UM, LIRMM, Montpellier
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